About Us


Vicaria Writing Solutions is an academic and admissions essay counseling service located in Orange County, CA. We offer a variety of approaches, from reviewing and revising your work with you to give you the best chance at success. There are a lot of similar services out there, but there are a few things that set us apart.


Most essay-writing or consultation services are conducted through opaque websites with fantastical claims like full teams of P.H.D. graduates, guaranteed grades, and so on. The issue is that with these websites there is absolutely no accountability. In purchasing our services you are guaranteed a face-to-face consultation for admissions essays, or Skype if you'd prefer, and as such we hold our work to a higher standard. Your success is our success.


We understand that  essay counseling, consultation, and writing can feel like a sketchy endeavor. We absolutely guarantee each customer's privacy, and, as an extension of that, we guarantee that the work performed will stay between us and them. 

Reasonable Pricing Plans

After establishing a proper price, our team will immediately go to work writing or revising your essay. If the final product is not up to your standards, we'll head back to the drawing board until we get it right. We don't have any set schemes, price plans, or scams: we charge you what our time is worth and nothing more. 

A History of Success

In order for Vicaria to hire somebody, we employ a strict screening process. We have less than 10 employees and every single paper is double and triple checked by at least two other employees. Our small size allows for greater responsibility and accountability. Furthermore, each employee has attended a top-tier institution, from the University of California Berkeley to Columbia University. Each writer in our company has written on a wide range of topics and is well-versed in multiple areas; even when approaching an unfamiliar topic, they have the adaptability to get the work done with a high level of quality and professionalism. Don't take our word for it though, check out an example of both an academic and an admissions essay on our writing samples page.